American River Nutrition’s GG-Gold® achieves self-affirmed GRAS

Hadley, Massachusetts (July 6th, 2021)American River Nutrition (ARN), a manufacturer of premium dietary ingredients, has announced self-affirmed GRAS status for its GG-Gold® brand, confirming the product’s safety for use in foods and beverages.

The self-affirmed GRAS status was obtained through the assessment of an extensive safety dossier by an independent panel of qualified experts, convened by scientific & regulatory consulting firm, AIBMR Life Sciences. The comprehensive review included a thorough analysis of the manufacturing process, nutrition profile and a critical evaluation of published research studies and toxicological data.  The panel unanimously concluded that GG-Gold® meets all regulatory and safety requirements to be deemed “Generally Recognized as Safe”, making the product available for use in food and beverage categories that include nutrition bars, sports drinks and powders, and chocolate at servings of up to 250mg.

GG-Gold® is a first-to-market ingredient containing Geranylgeraniol (GG). GG is an endogenous and ancient plant-based nutrient. In the plant world, GG is responsible for the synthesis of chlorophylls, all of the colorful carotenoids, and vitamins E and K. In humans, GG is uniquely tasked for the synthesis of CoQ10, vitamin K2 (MK-4), and skeletal muscle proteins. As a primitive anti-aging nutrient required for ubiquinone synthesis, the CoQ10 decline associated with advanced age is indelibly linked to an age-related decrease in GG. Statin use is known to decimate both GG and CoQ10 faster. Extracted from the tropical annatto plant, GG-Gold® replenishes GG levels lost due to aging or usage of pharmaceutical drugs, notably statins.

GG-Gold®’s unique proposition is its ability to work in areas no other supplement has been able to address to date. Speaking about the commercial application of GG-Gold®, Dr. Barrie Tan, ARN’s Founder and President noted that “GG-Gold® rides on our best-in-class tocotrienol product, DeltaGold®, as both are derived from the annatto plant. American River Nutrition is the first company in the world to produce the critical GG nutrient commercially, which we manufacture in our state-of-art facility in Massachusetts.” Continued Dr. Tan, “The self-affirmed GRAS establishes the safety of this truly remarkable compound unassumingly utilized by our body to produce the CoQ10 and MK-4 consumers so heartily embrace.”

CoQ10 is the third-most consumed supplement category, largely driven by the on-going explosion of statin usage. Few, however, realize that CoQ10 addresses only part of the equation of statin side effects. Statin-associated muscle symptoms (SAMS) occur in 10-20% of statin users,1 and are due to the loss of the fundamental GG molecule. This is why Dr. Tan describes GG-Gold® as the “the ultimate statin companion”, as it provides the basis for skeletal muscle production. Dr. Tan envisages GG-Gold® as a significant innovation for a standalone product or in combination with other cardiovascular nutrients, including CoQ10.

Commenting further, Dr. Tan noted that “Considering the essential nature of this compound, we see the application of GG-Gold® in a broad array of healthy aging protocols, including utilization in functional foods and beverages. We have engaged and plan to continue research in the cardiovascular health and anti-aging platforms, and are exceedingly excited about GG because we are speaking the ‘nutrient language’ of the body to invigorate health.”

GG-Gold® is available as an oil concentrate and a cold-water dispersible powder, formulated for easy application in foods and beverages.

About American River Nutrition, LLC

American River Nutrition (ARN) was founded in 1998 by Dr. Barrie Tan and is located in Hadley, MA.  ARN’s mission focuses on the scientific advancement of the health benefits of Bixa orellana, a tropically grown plant commonly known as annatto. ARN manufactures its products in Massachusetts at its state-of-art, GMP compliant, 24,000 square foot facility using a range of proprietary processes and technologies. To learn more, visit


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