A building block for healthy aging and a groundbreaking Statin Companion®

Ubiquinol Plus

DuoQuinol® is a novel product with a patented combination of the activated form of CoQ10 (ubiquinol) and geranylgeraniol (GG), a molecular component of CoQ10, often referred to as a building block of healthy aging. It is an endogenous nutrient which, like CoQ10, declines as we age.

The unique combination in DuoQuinol® creates a complementary mechanism that supports heart function and cellular energy through well-evidenced ubiquinol. Coupled with the inclusion of GG, DuoQuinol® provides additional benefits through the natural stimulation of CoQ10 production.

The composition of DuoQuinol® gives it a distinctive advantage over ubiquinol when delivered in combination with statin drugs, as ubiquinol alone does not address the unwanted effects on muscles that often results from statin drug usage. Fortunately, research suggests that the GG in DuoQuinol® works to support the unique nutritional requirements of statin users to promote healthy muscle function and strength*.

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Benefits of Ubiquinol

As the reduced form of Coenzyme Q10 and the main component of DuoQuinol®, ubiquinol has been shown to possess antioxidant properties and is made naturally by the body.
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Activates Natural CoQ10 Production

One of the main attributes that sets DuoQuinol® apart is its ability to encourage the body’s inherent CoQ10 production via the GG molecule. The GG molecule is built into the same metabolic machinery used to produce energy and is an actual building block of CoQ10.
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Enhances Cellular Absorption

DuoQuinol® has a unique built-in absorption advantage. It utilizes GG as a natural solubilizer to increase absorption of the enabling ubiquinol form because the ubiquinone form of CoQ10 is less hydrophilic and therefore has lower bioaccessibility. The natural GG solubilizer inhibits ubiquinol from recrystallizing, keeping the mixture amorphous.
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Supports Muscle Function & Strength*

GG is not only a building block for CoQ10, but is also essential in the production of proteins that the body uses to build and maintain skeletal muscle. In experiments where both GG and CoQ10 were depleted, resulting in muscle damage, only GG could help promote muscle health and function*.

Interested in formulating with DuoQuinol®?

Thank you for your interest in formulating with American River Nutrition’s ingredients. We understand trying, testing, and evaluating our ingredients is critical to your research, development, and production processes. Samples of DuoQuinol® are available for business evaluation purposes.

Please note: These samples are intended for business evaluation purposes only and are NOT intended for personal use or consumption. If you would like to purchase a finished product for personal use, please visit the brands that formulate with DuoQuinol® in their products.