Can a Simple Vitamin E Keep Cardiometabolic Syndrome at Bay?

Hadley, Massachusetts (March 2, 2022) Research continues to write the success story of tocotrienol.

Cardiometabolic syndrome, recognized as a disease entity by the World Health Organization, is a complex combination of metabolic and cardiovascular dysfunctions.1,2 Among lifestyle changes such as revamped diets and exercise schedules, dietary supplements provide adjunctive relief for many of the risk factors associated with the syndrome.

Vitamin E—known as a universal antioxidant—has been trialed variously in support of cardiometabolic health, often with conflicting and disappointing results.3 Without regard to its isomeric diversity, many have turned their back on vitamin E and its potential benefits for heart and metabolic health. Emerging clinical research, however, suggests tocotrienols to be far superior to their tocopherol cousins in providing cardiometabolic relief.

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