Bixa orellana

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 I was stunned by the beauty of the annatto and suspected that it must contain a very powerful antioxidant in order to preserve its bright red pigment. A scientist by design, my curiosity drove me to perform intensive research on this plant. When results emerged, I was shocked to find it was tocotrienol.

Picture of a man named, Dr. Barrie Tan in a black and white photograph
Picture of a man named, Dr. Barrie Tan in a black and white photograph

Dr. Barrie Tan

The annatto plant, or Bixa orellana originates from the Amazon rainforest and has been used since ancient times. Aptly nicknamed “the lipstick plant”, annatto is commonly used as a natural colorant in the production of butter, cheeses, snacks, fruit fillings, and many other foods in the industry worldwide.

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Sourcing Diversity:

Annatto is predominantly grown by small, independent farmers in tropical areas for use as a natural colorant. For over two decades, American River Nutrition have cultivated relationships with these farmers in many countries on our mission to find the best quality annatto.

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Annatto is sustainably harvested each year, similar to crops such as raspberries or blueberries. This makes the process eco-friendly and sustainable, unlike other sources of tocotrienol. There is no known significant contribution to air or water pollution.

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American River Nutrition was awarded the first-ever annatto patent for a unique extraction technique in 2002. This technique allowed us to extract DeltaGold® without using harsh or synthetic chemicals, petrochemicals, or solvents — nothing similar to those that are commonly used in other extraction methods.

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