To deliver the highest quality nutritional products based on sound scientific research at an affordable price.

American River Nutrition, Inc.™ is a supplement manufacturer in the United States. Its main business focuses on manufacturing and distributing vitamin E with the highest concentration of tocotrienol available. The company is driven by science based research supporting its products for consumer health benefits.


DeltaGold ®, developed by American River Nutrition, Inc. ™, is the only tocopherol-free source of tocotrienol, and contains the highest amount of delta- and gamma-tocotrienols that is commercially available. Derived from the annatto plant, DeltaGold ® is all-natural and manufactured in the USA under a patent-protected process. American River Nutrition, Inc. ™ started in 1998 in Hadley, Massachusetts. The company was formed in response to the market need for innovative products that are natural, have little to no known side effects, and positively affect the outcome and loss of quality of life associated with age-related and/or degenerative disease states.

Available in

  • Oil
  • Softgel
  • Powder